Extreme Energy Solutions

We develop robust vertical axis wind turbines, designed to withstand all weather conditions and be installed in even the most remote locations

Built to power off-grid cabins, offset grid dependency and all other custum wind energy projects striving to benefit from increased energy independence while minimizing maintenance costs

Built to be mounted on commercial towers, reduces operational costs through an increase in backup power time and reliability as well as reduced maintenance and failures, therefore minimizing total downtime.

Low Operation Cost

Roburst turbine design results in little/no maintenance over 20-year life-time

Wide Operation Range

Start up speeds as low as 2 m/s, tested to withstand windspeeds of 60 m/s

Omni-directional Design

Reliable, self-sufficient operation, “set-and-forget” installation

Energy Consulting

We also provide off-grid consulting for custom solutions. Contact us for your inquiries involving wind, solar and hybrid solutions at info@icewind.is



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