Wind Power

The Wind Turbines

IceWind specializes in designing and manufacturing small scale vertical axis wind turbines for providing 100% green energy in extreme weather conditions as well as low wind areas with virtually no need of maintenance. Currently there are two product lines in production. The IceWind RW turbine is specially designed for generating power for telecom towers and surveillance spots and the IceWind CW is aimed for residential applications, such as your home or cabin – Whether you’re connected to the grid or not. Although ‘simplicity’ is our focus in product development, all IceWind turbines are hand made in Iceland from the best material available, such as stainless steel, carbon fiber and aircraft grade aluminum. With patent pending solutions we were able to make the turbines produce electricity in very low and very high winds with no need to cut-out. The IceWind turbines are currently in a testing phase and will be available soon on selected locations. Click on the Facebook link above and follow us!

IceWind is a registered trademark with an international design IP.

All IceWind wind turbines emphasize on:

  • Tough build with carbon fiber, stainless steel and aircraft grade aluminum
  • Wide production range; in extremely low (under 2 m/s) and high winds (over 50 m/s) with patent pending solutions
  • Nearly silent (˂35 dB)
  • No need to face the wind direction
  • No effect on bird life
  • 30 year lifetime
  • Virtually no maintenance.

IceWind CW – For residential applications


The IceWind CW-1000 wind turbine provides you with 1000W at 10 m/s and is designed for most kinds of residential applications to provide power or heating to your home, cabin or even farm. The turbine coupled with a small heat pump can fully supply an average cabin with heating and power suitable for both on and off grid applications. The IceWind CW-1000 turbine is specially designed to elegantly blend into the environment. It is nearly silent, does not affect bird life and comes in various colors. Get yours with or without help with installation, it’s made to be simple. We’ll help you with the blueprints of you want..

IceWind RW – For increased energy security

The IceWind RW wind turbine is specially designed for generating the power needed for telecom and surveillance towers in difficult conditions. The turbine can be used as a main power source on off-grid locations or as a backup extension on on-grid locations and is designed to withstand extreme wind and icing in inhospitable environments with a ‘failsafe’ feature in the case of generator failure. The RW comes in a 300W version rated at 10 m/s and has a power production range of 2-60 m/s+. The turbine is stackable for higher energy requirements.


Special emphasizes on:

  • Blending into the environment
  • Combining with different components
  • Easy installation.

Coming soon.

Special emphasizes on:

  • Increased energy security in difficult conditions
  • Withstanding extremely high winds and gusts over 60 m/s (Category 4 hurricane)
  • Preventing ice formation (RW-INT)
  • Natural cooling (INT-HOT)
  • Theft protection (INT-HOT)
  • Stackable to tower’s needs
  • Tower applications.

Coming soon.