Many of you by passers have recently noticed that one turbine is missing from the Storm Shelter. We deliberately took one down since we’re experimenting with pairing wind energy with solar energy, which is ideal for long summer days in Iceland where we get 21 hours of sunlight during mid-summer, and sunny areas abroad. Hybrid green energy solutions is a part of (more…)

We want to thank for all the interest we’ve received from students around the world looking for internship at IceWind. We’re excited to announce that we will be hiring a student in mechanical engineering from California, USA this summer who will work with us at the IceWind office and workshop in Reykjavik, Iceland around various projects that will go towards the studies.

From left – Karl Sigurdur Sigfusson (Kalli) joined the team last month. He has a master’s certificate in electricals and is an electrical engineer from DTU Denmark. Kalli’s experience includes working as an electrician and electrical designer and recently designed and built a self-balancing unicycle.

Saethor Asgeirsson is the co-founder and CEO of IceWind. He is a mechanical engineer from University of Iceland and Chalmers University in Sweden and has designed and developed the IceWind solutions from the beginning. Saethor has an extensive knowledge in energy engineering; from geothermal and wind power to nuclear energy and is a guest speaker for the engineering school of University of Iceland. As well as being the overall head of the company, Saethor is also the head of design and mechanicals for IceWind.

Thor E. Bachmann joined the team one year ago. He has a business administration degree fused from Shanghai University, Copenhagen Business School and Bifröst University and has experience including independent management consulting; co-designing Gulleggid, a popular nationwide contest in profitable business ideas; as well as sales and product management. Thor is the Chief Business Development Officer of IceWind and takes care of marketing and business relations. (more…)

The newest machinery; a semi-automatic CNC lathe, arrived to our workshop last week. This makes our workshop (more…)

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The Storm Shelter Launched

IceWind formally launched the Storm Shelter yesterday; a community project crowdfunded on Karolina Fund in November in collaboration with AFA JCDecaux and the City of Reykjavik and our great sponsors from WOW air. The Storm Shelter is a bus stop in central Reykjavik, Iceland, outside Harpa, concert and conference hall that the start-up IceWind modified and made completely independent from outside energy sources. Two customized wind turbines from IceWind and electrical system was fitted on top and into the shelter, providing it with lighting, Wi-Fi hotspot, mobile chargers and a remote controlled 70“ advertisement screen that relieves the bus stop from paper ads. – All with wind energy. The Storm Shelter is unique (more…)

IceWind is currently looking for partners for fabrication, distribution and localization in N-America and Europe. Please contact us at for more info.


Yesterday, CBS News covered green energy efficiency in Iceland and IceWind’s wind turbines. Saethor, our founder and CEO, discussed the characteristics of IceWind turbines and how this unique implementation was formed. The IceWind CW-1000 turbine for residential applications will be available in Iceland only from February/March next year but the IceWind RW turbine for telecom towers will be continued to be stress tested under the extreme situations in Iceland and will be available internationally the second half of 2016. IceWind is currently looking for assembly and distribution partners in N-America and Europe. Please Contact for further info. To view the CBS News coverage, please click the link below.

CBS News coverage on IceWind turbines



Lately, the IceWind team has been preparing a funding phase for the company for the first year on market to secure final trials and marketing launch. A deal was signed with an American investor last week and yesterday the US Embassy in Iceland writes about it…

Earlier this month, we led a delegation to PowerGen International (PGI) in Las Vegas where IceWind – a small-scale…

Posted by US Embassy Reykjavik Iceland on Thursday, 17 December 2015

Last week, Iceland faced especially stormy weather where roofs were torn off houses and people were advised to stay inside. IceWind has test sites around the country for various tests where we closely monitor the situation. During the storm we had two tests up and running for both RW for telecom towers and CW for residential applications where both applications did well. IceWind will continue testing and soon more features will be tested, such as icing and higher gusts.