The IceWind team wishes you happy holidays and thanks you for the support this year. We look forward to take on new and exciting challenges in the new year!

The IceWind team is proud to announce that we‘ve just got offered a two year government grant from The Icelandic Centre for Research. The grant will enable us to fund upcoming development and continue to grow.

IceWind’s 2nd funding round is now open. The founders are looking for strong investors to fund upcoming seasons and influence green initiatives on a global scale. Please contact for further info.

The last test turbine from the CW product line was recently installed and has now been in trials for about seven years. This will be the last version before (more…)

IceWind recently partnered with Deloitte in the fields of tax, legal, finance and accounting, enabling us to focus better on our core (more…)

Ashlee Vance from Bloomberg BusinessWeek’s Hello World features IceWind and other Icelandic entrepreneurs in their newest episode below. The whole episode is awesome but you can find IceWind’s section at 06:40.

Earlier this month a new staff member joined the IceWind team. Mae is a mechanical engineering student from University of California (more…)

Students from a local high school visited us for some tips on how electric generators work and received a small (more…)

Gwladys from Reuters news agency visited us this week for a chat on IceWind’s solutions and the financial environment. An exciting visit, since Reuters gets 1 billion visitors every day. (more…)

Around 30 engineers from the Energy department of Efla engineering firm visited us at the IceWind office and workshop last Friday for (more…)