Small Wind Turbines and Hybrid Green Energy Solutions

IceWind designs and manufactures small vertical axis wind turbines for telecom towers and residential applications such as homes, cabins and farms. The company was founded in 2012 but development goes back to 2008. With energy prices on the rise, there is a need for focusing on renewable technologies. The IceWind vertical axis wind technology has been designed in response to the growing demand for renewable technologies. It demonstrates that turbines can be an elegant, quiet, durable, cost effective and nearly maintenance free solution for energy production.

IceWind also provides installation and maintenace services for the IceWind windturbines and related installed equipment, such as battery checking, solar cell installations and the installment of logging equipment. IceWind is currently a licensed dealer for IC-Meter, specialized in analysis of indoor climate and energy issues.

IceWind is currently in a testing phase and will start taking orders soon. Click on the Facebook link above and follow us!

IceWind is a registered trademark with an international design IP.

Reliable, Efficient, Innovative

  • IceWind strives to offer reliable solutions and services by using efficient processes and thinking outside the box.
  • IceWind's mission is to increase renewable energy utilization in areas previously not viable for such solutions.
  • IceWind's vision is to be a leader in renewable energy sources for European and N-American telecom markets.