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Wind turbines for cabins

IceWind designs and manufactures small wind turbines for cabins and even homes. The turbines have a wide production range and produce in very low and high winds.

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Solar Power

IceWind provides green hybrid solutions. The solar cells are flexible for irregular surfaces.

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Wind turbines for telecom towers

IceWind designs and manufactures wind turbines that are dedicated to surveillance and telecommunication towers.

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The Product Development

The wind turbines have undergone considerable changes over the years.
  • Customizing the CW turbine

    In 2015, the residential application was named 'CW'. The blades were redesigned for blending even better into the environment. Various colors and texture tested.

  • The first 1000W turbine built

    The first 1000W turbine built and installed on IceWind HQ for stress tests. The turbine got weight reduction as well as strengthening with carbon fiber.

  • Optimization of materials and a custom-made generator

    Emphasis on optimizing choice of materials and stainless steel selected to minimize corrosion. Stainless steel bearings added and experimented with custom-made generator.

  • Reinforcement and fittings further developed

    Emphasis on bolts and general strenghtening for the turbine to be able to withstand more pressure.

  • Minimalizing corrosion

    Wind turbine development continues with emphasis on testing different materials to minimize corrosion in the system.

  • Turbine installed on cabin

    The turbine got bigger and now made from aluminum and steel. Fixed with a generator and installed on a cabin.

  • Anemometer to Wind Turbine

    The first IceWind wind turbine concept was built with fiber glass and tested without a load. The quality of low start-up speed discovered.

  • Anemometer designed

    Anemometer, designed as a final project in University of Iceland. Where it all started.

The IceWind CW Wind Turbine

Durable green energy in challenging situations.
The IceWind CW turbine is the first product designed by IceWind and has been in trials now for 7 years. The CW was originally made for non-geothermal areas in the harsh Icelandic weather conditions but suits well for all residential applications. All IceWind turbines emphasize on tough build with carbon fiber, stainless steel and aircraft grade aluminum; a very wide production range from breezes to fierce hurricanes; nearly silent operation; no need to face the wind direction; no effect on bird life; needing virtually no maintenance and a 30 year lifespan, but the CW has a special emphasize on blending into the environment and to have an easy installation as well as it comes in a few different color variations. The IceWind CW will be available commercially soon.

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